The Blog Council Releases Disclosure Best Practices Tool Kit

Writing for Now Is Gone gave me the opportunity to share social media lessons learned with those just entering the space. It is always helpful to have a guide rather than fumble around on your own. Today, The Blog Council released a series of checklists to assist companies participating in social media.

How to use the toolkit:

  1. Discuss these model policies with everyone involved in social media: marketing, communications, legal, HR, sales, customer service, etc.
  2. This document supports existing company policies and is not intended to supersede them.
  3. Customize them to fit your organization’s specific needs and operations.
  4. Create a training program to share them company-wide.
  5. Share them with your agencies, consultants, and contractors.
  6. Post your version to our library to help other companies develop policies.

As I have stated before, the social media space remains a new frontier and all of us are still pioneers. What will drive us forward is the positive sharing of lessons learned. I applaud this Blog Council contribution. I will share what I have learned from my clients, as well as, learn from those lessons shared by my peers. I hope you will do the same.

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  • Michael E. Rubin, Blog Council

    Hi Lauren,
    Thanks for the kind words! This is just the start of the conversation, so your experiences and lessons are adefinitely welcome.
    Thanks again.
    I am a Blog Council employee and this is my personal opinion.

  • Ted Murphy

    I think you should read this post about the history of the disclosure policy.

  • Lauren Vargas

    I will keep your comment and link posted above because I do not know the back story and would prefer to give all the benefit of the doubt.