SMG to Acquire Livingston Communications

A HUGE congrats to my pal, Geoff Livingston, his team and SMG! The news officially broke this morning that Geoff has signed a letter of intent for Livingston Communications to be acquired by the Social Media Group, which is headed by Maggie Fox and is headquartered in Dundas, Ontario, Canada. If you want the rest of the details, you can read the press release here or read interviews with Geoff conducted by Kami Huyse, Toby Bloomberg and Valeria Maltoni.

Kami asks Geoff, “Why at the height of the success of Livingston Communications are you selling the company to take a number two spot?”

A:  There are  a couple of reasons. I am trying to restore balance to my personal life, and while my time usage at work may not shift, it may ease some responsibility weight. I need that  not just fro home, but also because I feel that I am challenged a  lot by the operational, HR, and day-to-day management of the organization.  So this helps me play to my strengths — visionary thought leadership, sales and marketing and strategy — while shedding responsibilities that tax my weaknesses.

Secondly, there is an opportunity right now to help the Global 2000 transform into social organizations. That window of opportunity is relatively short, maybe two years at most.  Together we can do a lot more damage than I can do alone (and vice versa). 

I am very excited for Geoff and SMG! Geoff and Maggie are a powerhouse!

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