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DSCN0005I just wrapped up a fabulous mini-term teaching Principles of Marketing. Normally, lower level courses are taught a full term, but we all know Lauren does not do anything normal!

Weekend classes are VERY long. Who wants to spend eight hours hearing me chatter? Besides, would you really learn from this method of teaching? I do not believe so. This is why I format my weekend classes as interactive computer lab courses or team game projects.

This past weekend, Principles of Marketing students were split into three teams. Each team was tasked with recreating the game Cranium by incorporating three topics from each of the twenty chapters of their text books. No, the students did not get away without any lecture, but the talk was kept to a minimum so students had ample time to study the text and strategize with team. I am always amazed at the creativity and competitiveness these students bring to the table. Literally.

In fact, one team would like to market their game as a study tool to other students or as an alternative to a final to marketing professors. These students are serious. I am very proud of the students this term!

DSCN0003 DSCN0004


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