Move Over Boys…

90620010_c1fe3feb44 This past May, I was one of five women referred to as “well-known PR/marketing blogstresses.” While I was greatly humbled by the reference, my fellow ladies and I all agree there is a high price to pay for such status. In the comments of the post, 3Q’s in 3Min: Sarah Lacy, BusinessWeek, Kami Huyse lists factors for why more women are not as visible in the PR/Marcom social media scene:

  1. While women in PR/marketing represent the majority, they don’t represent the majority at management level
  2. Women do indeed (sometimes) drop out for a period to have kids
  3. Men tend to link to other men and gravitate toward the ideas of other men, women do this less and link more broadly (no research on this, just an observation)
  4. I think you can rise to the top, but it is hard and it requires a price that some women may just not be willing to pay. Look at the guys dying too young and having health problems because of their singular devotion to work. Or those dealing with trolls and other detractors that say horrific things.

I agree the price one pays is high to be ac active participant of social mediasphere. This is why I think the women on the NxE’s Fifty Most Influential ‘Female’ Bloggers list should be given notice. I enjoy that the list is not just names, but humanizes the woman and gives great reasoning for why they were chosen. I have had the honor of meeting some of these women in person. And, yes, there are other women I find equally as great not listed here, but this list just goes to show the days of the boys’ club is numbered. These women rock!

(Photo courtesy flickr: shielaannkeller.

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