Cooperative Communications – Utopian Thought?

I had to laugh while reading yesterday’s edition of Ad Age articles. The first article I read was, $80 Billion? Online Display Market Is Being Overhyped: For All the New Media Spin, It’s Just “Old Media. Funny how this article conveys how everyone is rushing to dip their toe in big media, but later states big brands are reluctant to follow. Contradiction anyone? The point of the article is not what drove me to write this post, but the statement made in the third paragraph sent my blood boiling.

The inconvenient truth is that for all its new-media spin, display advertising is “old” media — a commercial message to be placed next to editorial or entertainment content. And we know by now that measured-media growth has pretty much ground to a halt as marketers continue to increase their dollars in unmeasured disciplines such as web development, public relations and database marketing at the expense of paid advertising.

Perhaps the increase in dollars is due to the fact that public relations views social media as a two-way conversation versus a one-way push? Is lashing out at other disciplines because of failures within own going to solve anything? Communication disciplines are supposed to work together for the betterment of the company/client. Utopian thought at times, but this naive thinking leads to better working relationships instead of negative competition.

Following this article, is Why Digital Marketing Needs a Reboot: Breaking Those “Tradigital” Habits by David Armano. David’s witty new word combinations and illustrations always make a person think. He is one of the only reasons I still follow AdAge.

It’s time to come to terms with how people really use the web (hint — it might not be to figure out your experimental navigation) and how we can harness the true power of digital. Digital marketing doesn’t need more tradigital creativity — it needs more creative problem solving. It just might be time for the industry to reboot.

I agree. The same recipe that worked offline does not work online…this relates to how pr/advertising/marketing function together as well. Perhaps we should reboot the industry thinking from silo to cooperative communications?

UPDATE: I just came across this preso and it synced perfectly with this post and wanted to share with you.

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  • Jonathan Trenn

    Cooperative communications? Good luck!! I keep on running into the ad agency that doesn’t know what PR firm is doing which doesn’t understand what the social media company does which isn’t involved with the ad agency.
    I don’t know why. Fear of losing business? Giving away secrets? Holding onto a belief that their segment is them most important?
    I don’t know, but it seems to be unprofessional and hurtful to the client. But oddly, the client is often the one that sets the tone and sets up the relationships this way.

  • Lauren Vargas

    You are right on every count. So, how about a reboot of industries and client? I am thinking we are in need of a flood. Ark anyone?

  • david cushman

    Lauren. A big thank you for linking to the slidedeck. It’s part of a discussion of ways to define the new PR that might better communicate the essential differences; ie not simply online pr but p2p pr (short hand, p2pr). Feisty debate happening on that post right now. Join it?