2008 Half-Year Goals and Beyond

Since entering the blogosphere first as a lurker in 2004 and then becoming a content generator in 2006, I have struggled with how much of myself to reveal online. In the beginning I was stiff, but soon found my tone and rhythm. Then, I slipped into being a bit preachy and back to stiff. Today, I have opened myself up on many forums and have learned some valuable lessons. This year has been tough, but I am ready to change my context of thinking and move beyond. So, I have decided to share with you my goals for the next six months…I know you will keep me accountable. Writing it down is the first step.

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Professional Goals:

  • Complete/Pass APR Exam in October 2008 (Accreditation in Public Relations – passed first part of accreditation in 2006, but missed passing exam by a couple of points twice)
  • Enroll in January 2009 PhD graduate curriculum (this way I can become a full fledged professor upon graduation) – rewrite doctorate dissertation on cyber anthropology effect on public relations industry
    • Research openings/qualifications required at colleges
    • Begin studies to become ESL teacher (English as Second Language – for supplemental income no matter location)
  • Transition into a digital nomad (not dependent upon single company benefits/paycheck) and build up Lauren Vargas/12Comm Strategic Relations consulting business, writing/copy and speaking opportunities
    • Arrange two more speaking gigs in 4Q 08
    • Assist organizing Texas/Red River Social Media Summit for Advance Communicators Soc Med Execution in January 2009
    • Actively network new connections in Seattle, Boston, Toronto, London and South America
    • Release fear of $/benefits and not being able to provide for daughter and Self – Must be self-sustaining…

Personal Goals:

  • Establish sufficient income to dedicate two week days to writing
    • Complete and submit two screenplays for option 
    • Progress with science fiction trilogy (my novels)
  • Eliminate debt (other than Law School loans) by year-end 2009; Recover 2006 credit score
  • (Invest in) Relationship with:
    • Family man – one who accepts daughter as his own; good fatherly figure; wants to have children of own with me
    • No addictions such as drinking, smoking, drugs, gambling
    • Ambitious (not too ambitious he forgets family or becomes greedy)
    • Respects my ambitions – foster each other’s growth
    • Passion – Especially for me, books, film and world travel
  • World Travel (partial list of must-see)
    • Paris in winter
    • Pilgrimage to Glastonbury/Avalon, England in spring
    • Greece – specifically Cyclades, Dodecanese and see Delphi
    • Australia/New Zealand – Sydney Opera House, Ayers Rock and the Olgas, The Great Barrier Reef
    • Africa – “Corridor of Marvels”, Gonder, Table Mountain
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