This is not name-dropping

Reputation management and personal branding is essential for the successful pr counselor. The CA Twelve Step Program emphasizes the importance of change begins with the individual. Chris Brogan has a splendid personal branding series, but I found his latest post ‘Will Companies Value Your Personal Network?’ more telling.

As I wrote in my Now Is Gone post, Scratch My Back and I’ll Scratch Yours, social capital is your greatest asset. That being said, just adding to your Friends/Followers list is not building your social network. You must participate in the community and become an active member before claiming people are in your social network. Don’t name drop. Just because you may have A-listers on your list does not mean you know them or may claim to be their friend.

Our job is to establish relationships and our best example to a client, employer or future employer are those relationships we have forged on our own. As you build your portfolio, consider demonstrating the value of those relationships. How have you extended assistance to others? How have others aided your efforts?

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  • Chris Brogan…

    Makes perfect sense to me, but then, that’s where I started. : )