Phreadz Demo

2595802725_5ced03a667_b1 Montreal hospitality was taken to another level this past Tuesday when Adele McAlear graciously took me and Leonardo Souza to a local bistro to demo Phreadz. I have played with Seesmic and Utterz, but have never found those applications to be useful for my current work. However, with Phreadz, my mind is spinning with countless ways to use this new technology in my 9-5 job, teaching and personal public relations business. I am psyched!

Phreadz is NOT a Seesmic clone. It is so much more! British developer, Kosso, is not out to take over Seesmic, but to provide a light-weight platform to dstribute content from all multimedia applications. Currently, Phreadz is closed beta and is in the hunt for funding. Chip in and support opening this technology to all! I am not a beta tester, nor am I being paid by Phreadz to promote the product, but from what I have seen, this technology revolutionizes content distribution. Follow my friend, Adele McAlear (Canadian Phreadz beta user) to discover how we can best use Phreadz.

(Photo courtesy Leonardo Souza. That is me on the left with the funky hat and Adele on the right!)

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  • Otir

    There is so many more in Phreadz than only technology. I think a very different approach of business and user-generated-content (not only content, but also management) can arise from it.
    People who are looking for a better something should certainly consider becoming part of such an adventure.
    (I am not paid by Phreadz either! just believing in the people).

  • sean808080

    thanks so much for shining a light on prheadz. as they’ve been getting a lot of publicity lately, it’s great to gain an understanding of some differentiating factors.