My Summer Reading List for Business and Pleasure

Debbie Weil recently posted her summer reading list for business and pleasure. Despite my fascination with tech, my love for books will never diminish. There is nothing better than the smell of a new book…or even better, the book you score at a used book store! I enjoy looking at what books people have listed in their Amazon Wishlists or share on their blogs. I am always on the hunt for a great read to relax or expand my thoughts.

Like Debbie, the following books are also on my list:

Also on my list to read this summer for business:

Also on my list to read this summer for pleasure:

What is on your summer reading list? What new release books are you eagerly awaiting? Share what books have changed your life.

Taking it a step further…I will also be altering a couple of books and creating an acrylic travel scrapbook.

(Photo courtesy nycnikonian007.)

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  • Andre Blackman

    Gotta love summer reading! I just tweeted you about my list but Presentation Zen and Personality not Included are definitely going on the list too!

  • Debbie Weil

    Lauren, fun to see your list too!

  • Tiffany Derville

    “Made to Stick” and “Presentation Zen” are amazing!
    I also highly recommend “Gaining Influence in Public Relations” by Berger and Reber.
    As for my summer reading list, I’m going to read additional chapters from the “The Future of Excellence in Public Relations and Communication Management: Challenges for the Next Generation.”
    I read a handful of the chapters last summer and intend to read more this summer.

  • Lauren Vargas

    Very good suggestions, Tiffany!

  • Karen Russell

    Lauren, have you read Dom Casmurro yet? I saw it at the bookstore and was tempted but remembered you said you’re going to read it, so decided to wait and ask for your review. :)

  • Lauren Vargas

    I completed Dom Casmurro this past weekend and it was superb! The writing is witty and beautiful…READ THIS BOOK!

  • Karen Russell

    Well, it’s a shame you’re so unenthusiastic. ;) Guess I’ll have to get an Amazon order going.