Class Reunion Drama Dashed

OK, maybe, just maybe I have dreams of sweet revenge at my high school reunion…imagining the cheerleaders who have put on weight and of me flashing success with material goods bought with $$$ from a successful career. (Yes, the latter is very much a dream.) I would be lying if I told you I did not think of these things. However, with the dawn of social networks, I no longer have to wait to see what former classmates are doing with their lives or what they look like. The element of surprise is somewhat lost from class reunions.

So, when I received my ten-year high school reunion invitation last month, I was not particularly thrilled. At first I was shocked I received the invite in my work email inbox. I have not kept in contact with anyone from school…how did they find me??? Doh! A simple Google search for ‘Lauren Vargas’ brings up several different social networking profiles and contact information. Oh bother! Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking sites have sucked out any excitement I may have derived from a class reunion.

What about you? Have social networks dashed or enhanced your class reunion excitement?

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  • Richie Escovedo

    How funny and true. I’ll see how future reunions go. It’s kind of cool to keep up with my friends using social networking sites.
    To be honest, I had a blast at my 10 year reunion talking with the spouses of people from my class. We would goof on all of the people who really didn’t recognize people outside of their cliques. So they had no idea that these spouses didn’t graduate with us. I even gave them key teachers that they could use in conversations. Enjoy your reunion.

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