ADV 110: Summer 2008 Midterm

Follow these directions
to write the jingle about your designated topic. Midterms are due by
start of the fourth class and must be published to your blog. For
inspiration, read the jingles written by the MK class in past semesters.

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  • lawrence

    “In place of one of your weekly blogs, please create one jingle about Chapters 14-19. We will discuss in class next week.”
    Is this the midterm assignment? Chapters 14-19?

  • Bobby H

    When you say write a jingle about your designated topic, do we pick it or is it assigned? Also is this any topic in the chapters? So, if I went to page 428 and wanted to a Jingle on Coupons, is this what you are looking for?

  • Lauren Vargas

    The jingle is your midterm assignment and is due at the beginning of the fourth class. The jingle may be on any topic. This semester it will be required in addition to your two weekly posts.

  • Bobby H

    My Jingel is complete, along with my latest Blog.

  • Melinda L

    I have tried to email my blog several times and SBCglobal continues to reject it. My blog is