Zany: Behind Closed Doors-Unclutter Yourself!

The list of blog post drafts and items on my to do list is ridiculous! So, I am taking this weekend to unclutter my life in the hopes that by doing so will motivate me to carry on with writing and studies without distraction. Thanks to @mindofandre who pointed me to the Unclutterer: Daily tips on how to organize your home and office blog!

Some brilliant posts to begin the decluttering process:

  1. Unclutter unwanted content in your RSS feeder with Yahoo! Pipes
  2. Finding order on your bookshelves
  3. Five spring organizing activities
  4. The real cost of financial clutter on the road to a remarkable life
  5. Going paperless
  6. Clutter-free scrapbooking
  7. My New Year’s resolution: laundry
  8. Organize your life on your wall
  9. Uncluttering with Twitter
  10. Stop spending your weekends cleaning your home

Liberate yourself with me! I am tired of waking up and feeling anxious the second I open my eyes and see the clutter.

(Image courtesy sindesign/Flickr.)

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  • Andre Blackman

    I love reading the blog – glad to help!

  • Tim

    How did the uncluttering (or Stage 1 of it?) go over the weekend, Lauren?

  • Lauren Vargas

    Quite well, thank you! Bedrooms remain untouched, but I am making progress! Now on to the mission of getting inbox to zero before vacation… ;)