Now is gone, but we’re only just beginning!

It was an honor to write for the Now is Gone blog with Geoff Livingston and Ike Pigott. Today is the final post for NIG, and as Toby writes, "…but the book lives on and Now Is Gone blog will be cached forever." Never in a million years did I think an opportunity like working with Geoff and Ike would come my way. Personally and professionally I am better for it.

It has been a fun ride! Thank you, Geoff and Ike! Now, let’s paint…

"Stay hungry; Stay foolish…"

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  • Ike

    The honor was mine.
    I’m writing a postscript.

  • Geoff Livingston

    It was an honor to work with both of you. Thanks for being cool on my decision to leave the party while the party was good. A better memory that way.