Social Media Club: Dallas is alive!

Logosmc1_3 This past Thursday, Social Media Club: Dallas was relaunched after a year in hiatus! We took the time to mingle and get to know each other. Unlike Austin, Boston or DC, Dallas does not have a large social media following. At least not yet…

Future meetings will be on the last Thursday of each month. Stay tuned for details on this site and official SMC site and twitter postings. We are seeking venues and topics for meetings. Please contact me or another SMC member to suggest locations and ideas.

Thank you! It was great to meet people I have been twittering with face-to-face!

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  • Kristie Wells

    Lauren, so very glad you picked up the baton and are breathing life back into the Dallas SMC group.
    Honestly, it doesn’t matter if there is 5 people or 105 people at each gathering. What is important is that you are getting together, face:face, sharing stories and helping one another learn and grow in our respective spaces.
    The key is to get together regularly, even if not for a ‘full meeting’, but maybe one month you gather at a coffee shop for breakfast or at a local pub for happy hour, then the next month, you tackle a meaty topic. Mixing it up seems to work well for many cities.
    Will reach out via email to discuss more.

  • Lauren Vargas

    You are right! We’ll continue in May. Look forward to further communication…