Seduce Me: The Passion of The Tudors

"Ravish me with your words. Seduce me."

Perhaps it is because I was raised in England that I am obsessed with English history. I have been to most of the historical landmarks and devour history books. The romanticism  of the tumultuous Tudors has always intrigued me. Though the writing is not completely true to history and is part soap opera, every Sunday I carve out an hour to watch The Tudors on Showtime. This past Sunday was the premiere of the second season. I think this series may rival the fanaticism surrounding The Sopranos.

So how did I survive between season one and two? The official Tudors Showtime website is packed with videos and downloads, blog buzz, fan wiki and more. The website aggregates all of the posts tagged "thetudors." It is here I connect to people just as passionate as me about the series and the history. In addition to blogs, links and other resources about The Tudors found on facebook, YouTube, fanlib, vox, imeem and gather are listed.

Dig a bit deeper and enter the fan wiki. This is where the fun begins! The wiki has grown to include more than just cast info, but history, costume and superfan segments. Forget fantasy football or March Madness, act as an amateur casting director and build your own Tudors dream cast! As if that was not enough to satisfy me, I can get Tudors updates on my phone. A peek at the message boards and you’ll see I am not the only one taken by this series. Evangelists, us all. Now if only I could land the job of handling The Tudors social media profiles and participation…

So, fellow Tudors fans, I must have missed something last season…I thought Charles married Margaret…now he is married to another girl this season. What happened? ;)

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