Enough Already!

Enough already?! Do you not realize I am trying to teach students and corporations about social media and all they see at first glance is children taking petty shots at each other? I had hoped to ignore the latest blogodrama (yes, it is ridiculous) and bat it away like a pesky mosquito, but I cannot. Pathetic. I am sickened at the lack of self respect and devaluing of others. The mess continued into the weekend…

Truly, you must understand that this type of behavior may be funny now, but in the long term will only harm your digital identity and corporations you represent in the future. The Internet is a permanent archive where the deepest and darkest of deeds are easily unearthed. Tread lightly. Once broken, social values are not so easily mended. Until then, take note. I am not using you or your tactics as professional examples of success, but quite the opposite.

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  • http://donteattheshrimp.com Josh Morgan

    I completely agree. I’m hoping that if we ignore it, it will go away. Wait…am I doing the wrong thing by commenting then?