Proud to be an American


A huge privilege and responsibility…

I distinctly remember my first election experience. In second grade, all the students were given an elephant and donkey and the opportunity to cast a ballot. At the time, I was a student in DoD (US military) school system in Germany. I was thrilled to be able to do something the adults did and spent so much time discussing. When I asked my father if I should vote elephant or donkey, my father responded, "The elephant gives Daddy a job."

I have always had a natural affection toward politics. My mother tells me that instead of having tea with my dolls, I had tea and crumpets with President Reagan and the First Lady. Many years later, I had the great opportunity to be chief communications adviser for a Texas House of Representatives Campaign. I envisioned myself a future Karl Rove. Of course, a communications career in the political sector is not a secure job. With a young daughter, insurance and a stable income are a necessity. I have not given up on my dream or naive notions of West Wing potential.

Tonight my four year old daughter is tagging along with me to a precinct meeting and caucus vote. Hopefully, I pass along my passion for politics and American spirit. I am proud to be an American.

Photo courtesy Flikr/Cave Canem.

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  • Nancy Vargas

    I would like everyone to know that Lauren was only two years of age when she had the Reagan’s over for tea and crumpets. What two year old invites the President and his wife over for tea? A two year old that is bright and wise.