Twitterdeedee, Oh, Twitterdeedum

The Oscars did not bring in favorable ratings, but I suspect it is because of backlash from Writer’s Strike and low comedy expectations. I, however, had a blast watching pre-Oscar Red Carpet show on E! and then the actual ceremony…while twittering what would have been an exclusive inner commentary.

Thanks to Ike Pigott and Shannon Whitley, Tweme #aa08 rocked the twittersphere Sunday evening. No monetary value, back channel or thought leadership vibes, but good old fashioned community entertainment. And, along the way, I found more movie twits to tweet.

Get my autograph now because soon it will be me accepting the award for Best Original Screenplay!

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  • Julie, writer

    I heard they canceled the Vanity Fair ball out of respect for the writers. I don’t really get how it has helped the situation at all. I was watching the host (forgot his name) and he remarked that perhaps the Vanity Fair should have invited the writers to the party instead. I couldn’t help but nod my head at this one. I wonder where writers are going to now?

  • Lauren Vargas

    They have some PR to do…