Crazy Eight for ’08

Thank you, Geoff! A similar meme made rounds last summer, so I will differ from first zany list.

  1. My birthday gift to self was a tattoo from Cat Tattoo of an ouroboros dragon. (Thank you, Memphis.) The tattoo is a custom work of art placed on mid-lower back. I am not a big girl, so the tattoo is a bit bigger than I originally intended, but discreetly hidden. The dragon with tail in its mouth symbolizes infinity and the eating of one’s self/ego — the archetypal significance to the psyche was a key study of my master thesis/Communicators Anonymous.
  2. I was born in Germany.
  3. A loyal OU Sooners football fan…even after the last game. (BTW-I am NOT from Oklahoma.)
  4. I own just as many hats as shoes.
  5. I am highly allergic to milk and all milk products. In today’s society, the allergy is not abnormal, but in the ’80s it was a bit freakish. This is not a lactose intolerance allergy. I go into anaphylaxis shock by touch and taste. I have never had pizza or ice cream…at least not what "normal" dairy eaters are familiar.  Since birth I have been a taste tester of soy products. Trust me, the taste has come a LONG way. Today there are great resources out there for parents of children with food allergies. I have learned (thanks, Mom) to make just about any recipe with soy substitutes. Of course, I can’t cook, so that is why I love shopping at Whole Foods and Central Market. My favorite soy ice cream is Soy Purely Decadent Pomegranate Chip . Scrumptious!
  6. If I ever have a son I would like to name him Poe.
  7. I am reincarnated.
  8. I prefer cold and rainy weather 6 days a week.

The tag is passed to Karen (of course) and Tiffany.

(Photo courtesy emiguez65.)

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  • Eric Eggertson

    My wife prefers cool days to hot, which makes her unusual in the Prairies, where sunny and hot is the preferred forecast.
    I’m into clouds and fog, because they make me look like a much better photographer.

  • Geoff Livingston

    Just as many hats as shoes. That is unusual. Not for a bald guy like me, but for a lady, yes.

  • Lauren Vargas

    Oh no! Hats are a must have accessory. I started my collection in high school with skull/stocking caps. Still have all of them, just not as many occasions to wear them.

  • Tiffany Monhollon

    Hey, thanks for the tag! Mind if I bring this over to my new blog? Looking forward to it. Thanks!

  • Lisa

    I, too, was diagnosed with dairy allergies as a young child in the 80s. Mine turned out to be more of the lactose-intolerance, but I still have to limit my intakes of any dairy products. Nice to know I wasn’t the only freak kid in the 80s. I enjoyed your Crazy 8 in ’08, and kudos to whoever started it. I just keep finding blogs and am loving what I’m learning about other people.