ADV110: Blog Set-up

Attention Students Jan-March 2008 ADV 110

If you have not set-up your class blog, please go to PR Blogs and register through this service. This semester students will be collaborating with students in similar programs around the world. We have exciting events planned! Take a peek at your peers.

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  • jumont stewart

    Hello, setting up my blog.

  • Tim Earley

    This is Tim. Working on my last few classes towards my business degree. Hope to be done before transfering to my next duty station.

  • Mrs.A

    As you can see I did mess up on this blog. working on fixing it.

  • Patricia Allen

    My introduction is on my URL link. Please let me know if I set this up right. Thank you in advance, Pat.

  • LD C.

    This is LD. Check my URL for intro and other nonpareil postings.

  • J & N Stewart

    The Newspaper as an Advertising Medium
    Newspapers have been the main medium for information and advertising. It has only been in recent history that the communication media has challenged the existence of newpapers. Newspapers have been around long before computers and the internet were thought about. I believe that the newspaper is still the main meduim as far as advertising.

  • j stewart & n stewart

    Advertising as a Communication Tool
    Advertising has changed greatly over the pass few years, it is esay to lose sight that advertising is a communication tool. No matter how strategic a advertising plan maybe, it is still a form of communication.
    What do you think.

  • Emet H.

    Wondering if I did this blog right. My intro in under “About me”. Thanks