Zany: Happy Bday to Me!

(My Threadless T of the day.)

I love my birthday. It is 11 days until Christmas and another day closer to death! (What do you expect? I share my birthday with Nostradamus!)

  • 348th day of year
  • 1542 – Princess Mary Stuart becomes Queen Mary I of Scotland
  • 1903 – Wright Brothers make first attempt to fly
  • MY FAVORITE – Nostradamus was born this day in 1503

I am starting my morning with a venti vanilla soy cafe mocha and potato chips! I may treat myself to Sonic for lunch and craving Green Papaya for dinner. I spent my birthday money on Threadless T shirts and I am contemplating getting an ouroboros tattoo. Just another day in the life of…

(Courtesy Flikr: Tinctory’s Photostream)

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  • Geoff Livingston

    Happy belated birthday!