Yes, but who is listening?

Thank you, Robert, for posting "A Vision of Students Today" – It Speaks To Me, Does It Speak To You? The companion piece by Professor Wesch is not shocking content, but shocking to hear and read. The rumble is audible. I am cross-posting these comments on Marcom Colloquy, my teaching blog for Northwood University. Many of the frustrations Professor Wesch states are not over exaggerated and I have expressed on MC.

We must change education expectations.

I have just completed my first year teaching at University. I have heard the wackiest excuses for not turning in homework on time or missing class. As I start my second year teaching, I am more cynical of our education system, but more passionate than ever! In addition to a full time job, teaching night classes and conducting various projects, I have found myself being manipulated into a babysitter. Harsh. It is what it is. Education should be earned. Effort is required.

Students are too coddled. (And I say this as a teacher of adult students with intentions for second career!) Teachers are too lenient. It is time for both generations to be held accountable.My class syllabus is a contract with students. Life lessons can be taught in conjunction with communication theory! Life does not come with an instruction booklet.

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