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I do not use this blog to rant about customer service issues unless it is as brutal as my engagement ring fiasco at Jarods Jewlers.

This answer from Michael’s Customer Service is brutal. It is obvious this was an automated reply because Recollections is no longer a new or existing store.

This is a notification from the Michaels Customer Care Department.

Your Ticket Number 01313287 has been  updated.

Call Description: To Whom It May Concern:

The Recollections Store in my community is shutting down. I have read
official news release and understand efforts will be directed to
stores. While Michaels has increased the scrapbook assortment in main
stores, the inventory level of supplies and diverse paper assortment is
substandard. Will Michaels expand the scrapbook section again with the
closing of Recollections? If not, please note there will be many
dissatisfied customers. Many scrapbook elements require touch and feel.
Recollections offers this. Competitor, Scrap Pad, offers more selection
than Michaels, but the atmosphere of Recollections and exclusive paper
supply is not duplicated.
New Entry: Thank you for taking the time to write to about
new Store
idea called Recollections.

We are always looking for good business opportunities, and we think we
might have found one with the scrapbooking concept.
We currently have two stores open in the Dallas, TX area, with more
for the Phoenix, AZ, Atlanta, GA and Washington, DC areas. 

Recollections currently has a website at

Thank you for visiting us at,


Michaels Customer Care

CCCallID: 01313287

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  • Karen

    Love how these big chains drove out all the independent stores and then limit or discontinue their stock because there’s not as much interest in scrapbooking any more. Gee, think it might be because you killed it?! Michael’s can move to the top of the list on this issue.

  • Lauren Vargas

    Oh no! I killed it?
    Ironic, but Recollections is owned by Michael’s (Parent Company).