Cookies we left for Santa

I love checking mail…real mail. I’m OK with spam…it’s my natural energy source. The usual pile of junk is waiting on my desk when I return from lunch. Today, there is an envelope from Eisenberg and Associates. The name of the company does not ring a bell…normally the mail would go to trash instantly, but it is the holidays and I like to save my spam for scrapbooking material.

Inside I find a 4.25×6.25" 4-color booklet of cookie recipes. The cover is silver and reads, "Cookies we left for Santa." Inside cover:

Cookies are a big part of any holiday tradition, and we wanted to offer the opportunity to share some of our (and our clients’) favorite holiday cookie recipes. So, from the Eisenberg and Associates Family, we’re extending our warmest wishes (and cookies) for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Following the greeting is nine cookie recipes opposite a picture or graphic of the delectable treat.

The inside back page reads:

To see the full list of recipes and submit your own, please visit us online at and don’t forget the milk!

Nowhere in the document is a description of Eisenberg and Associates as to give me a clue about our relationship.

I go to the site referenced in booklet…now I am confused. I read about a thank you for recipe submissions. No one has asked me for a recipe… Finally, I type in the Eisenberg and Associates URL (found in tiny print on back of booklet). Aha! Advertising, Interactive and Design firm. A quick scroll through the list of team members and I recognize a name of person I had given my card at an IABC lunch several months prior.

The creative is cute, but what was the purpose of this holiday card/book and boring, non descriptive site? I have more cookie recipes. So what? I receive spam cooking cards in my home mail all the time! This direct mail is from an interactive agency…just lacking interaction. What if the recipe submissions were paired with a picture of executive or client? Maybe a personal story shared? Can this agency prepare a similar direct mail with online draw for me and my company? Ouch.

Multi-channel idea, but the follow thru definitely lacked doting of i’s and crossing t’s.

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