Zany: Smorgasbord

Finally, Jill Pyle (@jillpyle) asked communications and marketing twitter group what was on their holiday gift list…Assuming the gifts are what we are requesting? (UPDATE from Jill: Holiday Gift Guide for PR Pros) While standing in line with daughter waiting to see Santa, I pondered what is on my wish list:

  1. POC 3 DVD — gotta have my Orly! (A girl can dream.)
  2. Threadless and/or Recollections (Did you know they are closing?) Gift Cards
  3. Two sponsored 2008 communications conferences (Of course this is just a stocking stuffer!)

Perhaps I can score two of three! My holiday gift list for family and friends is primarily books-my favorite gift to give! I bought husband Essential Manners for Men by Peter Post. No, this gift will not be spoiled because husband is not an online geek like me.

No Kindle. My mom has accepted email, but she would never read a digital book!

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