Zany: Class is One Big Game!

Weekend courses are the hardest to teach. Eight hour days of lecture while sun and blue sky pass unnoticed is not fun. How can anyone learn? You will not hear me drone on in my weekend classes. You will most likely hear roaring laughter as students create and play their own Monopoly games.

Last semester, students (Marcom Colloquy) of my Principles course were instructed to create their own Monopoly game. The class was divided into two teams of four and each team given a create-your-own Monopoly game. The game required three elements from each chapter of their text be incorporated into play.

The first weekend was dedicated to establishing the game objective and layout. It was a rocky start for both teams. Silence permeated the first day. Three students had never played Monopoly before! Instead of forcing students to read and regurgitate outdated textbooks, the students must use the lessons in the correct context.

The second and final weekend was quite different than the first; the laughter was so loud, we could be heard throughout the building. Thank goodness it was a weekend class or we would have disturbed and angered several instructors. Teams were given one class period to play their own game and work the kinks out of instructions and game board. The second day, the teams switched games, played and graded their peers. The games were not similar. One team chose to upgrade their Monopoly game to the credit card version. One board was a specialty store and the other a big box retailer.

I was ecstatic with the enthusiasm of the class and quality of their work. The games are now on display in the student office and travel with student representatives at school expos.Pictures_07_023 Pictures_07_024 Pictures_07_018  Pictures_07_020

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