What’s Next Input

The realm of PR 2.0 is still rich with unexplored frontiers, but making your mark (and being noticed) is becoming more difficult. Every three or four months, I reevaluate my voice and value in the blogosphere and other social media networks. The Twelve Step Program for Communicators is my foundation and I will continue to promote this ethical way of career/personal life. Please send me examples of how the Program is working in your career/personal life or other topics you would like explored on this blog. Thank you!

Working Topics:

  • Accountability in a Virtual World (Where in the world are those who fumbled in the blogosphere? Real people and accounts.)
  • Four Generations of Females in the PR Workplace (Interview with Traditionalist, Boomer, Gen Xer and Millennial)

If you would like to contribute to either working topic, please send me an email.

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