EDU 2.0

Reposted from CA — These are the students who you are competing against in the work force…

It’s not new news that social networking is a home run for college education. Blogs, Wikis, Vlogs and countless others are making it easier for teachers and students to create content and encourage conversation. The notoriety is a lure. Would you make the decision on what college to attend based on the social networking capabilities of the school and teachers? It is happening.

Many of the tools I use currently as a professor. This is the one I want to explore and promote communication education no matter the what degree the student is seeking.

"Apple’s iTunes U–though met with skepticism among professors wary of freely distributing their valuable content–is a useful public relations tool, according to Rhonda Blackburn, assistant director at Texas A&M University. Professors have used it to post videos introducing themselves, their research and their classes."

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