Recognize this formula? This is Six Sigma 101 for determining variation of inputs/outputs. The communications industry is in need of some serious DMAIC. Stop thinking about GE and Motorola examples.

Youth = Future(X-Factor)

What is the X-Factor? You fill in the blank.

  • Experience
  • Education
  • Tech Savvy
  • Aging Workforce (this includes Gen X)
  • 13-year old

Beginning in grade school my Mother was on my case about being accepted to college and getting a degree or…I would amount to nothing. Now I am seriously considering going back to the undergrad and grad bursar office and returning my degree. Do you think I can receive a depreciation check?

It is finally coming true. Science fiction is now reality. Teens are taking over the world. OK, this may be a bit extreme, but I think we should be prepared for the Borg-like creatures currently in school.

Actually, as a teacher the emerging technology are wonderful tools for relating theories to real world examples. Of course, I must point out this technology is a set of tools to aid in the teaching and not replace the role of an instructor. There is always the necessity of the human element.

13-year olds are taking over advertising and my job

i.e. Interactive Educator Summer 2007 (I discovered this publication in the University lounge.) Read Future Proofing Students pg 22 and Gazing Into the Crystal Ball pg 34. The articles focus on preparing students for the global workforce.

Writing on the Wall I am slightly aggravated about the attention this publication received because the author is the son of a major communications strategist, Passikoff, and not the average kid. No matter, the writing is on the wall. WARNING: Take your blinders off first.

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