Life does not come with an instruction booklet

At the conclusion of each semester, I ask students what the positives and negatives were of the class. The likes and constructive criticisms are planning tools for future class syllabi. In ADV 110, a discussion occurred about how challenging should a freshman course be? One student advocated, the class was not hard enough and that freshman classes should be tough and set the bar for upper level courses. More writing assignments, text reading and specific blog comment deadlines be required. Interesting.

Students, life does not come with an instruction booklet. In business, you do not have time to read a text to stay on top of new trends and research. Real-life examples are better than any dead tree text. You are not in University to regurgitate texts. You are there to put theory into practice. In business, you are not given days to complete an assignment. Often assignments are given with step-by-step procedures. You must take the initiative to learn and gather resources. The effort you put into the work will prepare you for upper-level courses. No one will be there to hold your hand.

This may sound harsh. I know we all multi-task and must prioritize. University while working is the truest test of time management. Roll with the punches. I cannot remember who said "When life kicks you, let it kick you forward" but this should be your mantra. My greatest lesson learned in university is a text cannot prepare you for the real world. Open your mind.

Graduates, good luck!

Returning students, keep your chin up!

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  • malissa

    You are correct with the thought that life does not come with a textbook however; you are the ONLY instructor who feels that way. During my term with you, I was taking a speech class and instead of focusing on giving speeches we leaned on the textbook for written tests as well as speeches. The time I spent studying for those written tests I could have used working on my speaking skills. And I am not one that likes to waste time doing useless things. I have lived my life finding the most efficient and quickest way to get things done. One of the main reasons I chose to go to Northwood instead of any other college was because they did not waste too much time with pointless classes like golf or aerobics. And I still don’t understand the need for electives. If it’s a class I need to take, make it mandatory. If it’s not mandatory, then don’t make me take it.
    Your class did challenge me. It challenged me to go beyond my comfort zone and I am continuing to work on that. It also made me face negative feedback by peers. I am also paying more attention to not only commercials and advertising but what they are trying to communicate through the ads. I do expect your classes to be more difficult and time consuming as I move through them and I look forward to the challenges because I feel you are teaching them correctly to us.