MKT: Customer Mapping Project

No Wal-Mart or Target examples for your midterm project. Literally think out of the "big box" retailers and explore an unknown company. Whether the company is B2B or B2C, a customer profile is a necessity of profitable sales. Focusing on target customers and understanding the interaction of customers with your chosen company for identification of pain points and opportunities (The Value Profit Chain).

I have linked examples of customer maps for inspiration.

Your midterm is a prelude to writing one-page customer profiles. Use the above links to expand your thinking and what you have read in your text. The project will need to include a flow chart, spreadsheet…any visual of your choice depicting the customer experience/touch points. Identify at least five pain points and five opportunities in a one-page summary of map findings. The issues defined must support customer value/lifetime formulas outlined in your text.

Questions/feedback should be posted here for all class mates to view.

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