ADV: Good Karma

There is more to advertising than the glossy mag ads and loud TV commercials. If Second Life is too much for you, dive into and test drive your karma in the virtual world. This is one of several featured Ad Council public service campaigns. Since 1941, the Ad Council has been a driver of social change.

Are you a fan of Shrek? Would you consider this character to be a positive role model for your child? Adlibbing: Ad Council blog, answers yes. Protests are growing in response to Shrek as the ‘Be a Player’ Public Service Campaign. Does Shrek and his friends promote turning off the TV and playing outside? As a mother of a three-year old who adores her movies (especially Shrek), the characters of Far Far Away spur her imagination while playing in the weeds of our backyard. Pretending to be one of the kick-butt princesses in the forest is the highlight of her afternoon adventures. If these protest groups really want to question role models, why don’t they start with the real TV characters?

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  • John G

    Obesity with children is a problem that started before the character of Shrek came around. The problem with obesity is that many children would rather be on the computer or watching television rather than going outside and playing physical activities such as football, baseball or soccer. Overall, I do not think Shrek is a positive role model for children because he is in many advertisments that deal with fattening foods like Skittles and Cheetos.
    In advertsing promoting these fattening products with a cartoon character that children love is a great way to make money. I think the problem should be handled by the parents. In the end, they are the ones who buy these unhealthy foods for their children. There are always two ways to look at things. People seem to always prefer to choose the side that is more convinient or beneficial to them. Good Karma or Bab Karma who really knows.