Jingle all the way!

A friend of mine was telling me about the stresses of helping her 12-year old with homework. They spent most of Spring Break composing a book report into a jingle. The method is Shurley English. The assignment combined learning/digestion of read text and grammar.

In place of one of your weekly blogs, please create one jingle about Chapters 14-19. We will discuss in class next week.

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  • http://jefflaw.typepad.com/my_weblog/ JeffLaw

    Owed to Miss Vargas,
    Marketing is her domain,
    Her students she attempts to train,
    To think outside the box and not just walk the line,
    New media she shows could be our gold mine,
    Many techniques she uses and always a new tool,
    But a jingle Miss Vargas oh how cruel,
    For those music illiterate who never sing along,
    Trying to put together a jingle is oh so wrong,
    But a project is a project of this I must confess,
    And her students will give it their all and nothing less,
    Jeff Lawrence (aka rhyme master J)

  • jeromelester

    OK you are the man soap box and all.that was great you may have done us all in with that one.great job

  • http://dawnrj.typepad.com/marketing_404/ dawnrj

    That was great – and funny too! It got me thinking about rhymes for my jingle. Good one Rhyme Master J!

  • Lauren Vargas

    I am so excited about class tomorrow!

  • Michelle F

    As am I. My jingle is ready for reviews on my blog. I am no Rhyme Master J though, can’t touch him!

  • jeromelester

    International Marketing we have been assigned a jingle.
    So from South America to China we must all learn how to mingle.
    From chapter 14 to chapter 19 we must learn the in’s and out’s of every turn.
    Thru distribution channels to logistics we lean how to sell more of our widgets.
    So from the lone star state here we are educated professionals aspiring to go far.
    Mrs. Vargas has taught us one important thing communicating and advertising by blogging should be your thing.
    Diversity and crossing borders is the way to go just don’t get stopped by the Minuteman patrol.
    This is the end I would like to acknowledge one good friend.
    Hey little guy on your soap box to reach the sky.
    Why did you have to set the bar so high?

  • http://www.tmosely.typepad.com tmosely

    International Marketing is fun and all.
    But come on everybody we are not having a ball.
    So come tonite to the JRB and see how Funny International Marketing would be!

  • http://jefflaw.typepad.com/my_weblog/ JeffLaw

    I have drove by all of your blogs and it is to late to duck,
    In the form of comments Rhyme Master J has already struck,
    But his vocabulary and knowledge he must feed,
    So all of your Jingles he did read,
    Jerome refers to the ins and outs,
    Expanding his knowledge if have no doubt,
    Kevin’s referrals to Sicily and brunch was such a sight,
    Had me thinking or a rappers delight,
    Connie goes on about the tisket and a tasket,
    She knows you better have someone good selling from you basket,
    Dawn kept me smiling,
    As she talked about pricing in her literary styling,
    Michelle got me all excited for her product then in turn,
    She points out that customer communication and understanding should have been a company concern,
    PJ talks of understanding you customer not just believing the hype,
    Nothing can kill a business faster than marketing off a stereo type,
    Timberly lets you understand that her marketing firm comprehends the scene,
    When doing international business on them you can lean,
    I even hit the class site as well a MissVargas sight,
    Boy those peeps give me such a fright,
    On this note Rhyme Master J will retire,
    Though it is not from lack of desire,
    His wife says he is hurting her head,
    And he better stop or the sofa will become his new bed,
    But like pro athletes retirement is just means I want to sell more jerseys on my farewell and comeback tour,
    Another Rhyme Master J sighting of this you can be sure,
    Rhyme Master J

  • http://classact.prblogs.org Gary Schlee

    What a great way to synthesize readings. Don’t be surprised if something similar happens in one of my classes. Thanks for the idea!