Post-Final: Sales Management

As promised, I am posting the review of the Sales Management final for my students. The object of the final was to put together a Sales Management training program and economic analysis. There were two teams. One team had a company facing repositioning of brand and the second team was phasing out a brand in a merger.

I was impressed with the amount of work some spent in hunting down the actual numbers and what the company was currently doing with sales force. This research should not be impressive, but a known. This is not your only class, but treat the presentation and your final as if it were your only class.

Half of the class are marketing minors. Brush up your presentation skills. This is the key to your future careers. Do not read off of paper. Give all participants a copy of your presentation…at least your professor. Make eye contact with the audience. A confident voice can go along way to improving a lackluster presentation. Dress nicely for the presentation. This is your final…

Finally, the presentation was not PowerPoint. The format was left open to the discretion of the teams. Use this to your advantage to be creative.

Good work overall this semester. The blog assignments were foreign to the majority of the class, yet all of you embraced the challenge. Remember, you might have the greatest work of all, but if you cannot speak to it, present it so you stand out, you might fall in the cracks. You cannot risk that in this industry.

In prep for next semester, check out Presentation Zen and Guy Kawasaki to improve skills.

Grades are posted. New syllabus will be posted tomorrow.

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  • Mary-Louise

    I work for Guy Kawasaki. Thanks for including material from his blog to prep for next semester!
    Virtual Assistant

  • Lauren Vargas

    FYI…Regular postings for this blog are Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Tuesdays, readings and follow-up instructions for the next class; Thursdays’s focus is industry info; and now Sundays, I will post presentation skills how to. Mr. Kawasaki’s blog is a wealth of information I will tap into with more detail in future postings! Thank you!