Welcome students! It was a pleasure to meet all of you. I expect we will have fruitful and passionate discussions over the next semester about international marketing. Use this week to get acquainted with the blogosphere. Bloggers will not bite (literally), I promise. Have fun and keep an open mind.

Marcom Colloquy Posting Schedule:

  • Tuesdays: Supplemental class readings for class of following week
  • Thursdays: Marcom industry info
  • Sundays: Presentation skills info

Like you, I will be posting twice a week to this blog focusing on international marketing!

Please send me the URL of your blog so I can set-up the class list (visible on right side of this site). The first post on your blog is an introduction of yourself. Restate your major/minor; class status; class objective; aspired job position; last book read and adjective describing yourself. I stress, remember importance of digital identity.

Suspense 3/26/07 — Two additional blog postings relating to Class 2 and Class 3 readings on the syllabus; There will be a 90-minute time limit discussion about the definitions listed in class 1 posting — Come prepared…more details will follow Thursday!


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  • http://jefflaw.typepad.com/my_weblog/ JeffLaw

    Alright, I have my book and am ready to roll. Only problem is I need some blogs to read. Also would love to be the first with a comment on their blog. I have one up (pre text book) and it is ready for the classes expert opinion. Good or bad bring it on.

  • Michelle F

    I have a post up as well, any comments/suggestions are welcome.

  • http://kboggess.typepad.com/my_weblog/ kboggess

    Here is my url posting i dwoudl enjoy your comment

  • http://kboggess.typepad.com/my_weblog/ kboggess

    here is my url address
    sorry for the confusion

  • http://12commanonymous.typepad.com/ Lauren Vargas

    All student links are up on the right…please check.

  • http://dawnrj.typepad.com/marketing_404/ DawnJ

    Thanks for the welcome and the links. I enjoyed the storytelling tips! Please note my blog has changed to TypePad at the following url: http://dawnrj.typepad.com/marketing_404/