Training Program – Midterm

Revised due date Class 5.

I have been out sick Tuesday through Thursday b/c of a wicked sinus infection – I should know by now (since living in Texas), the second I get signs of the cold it turns into a sinus infection overnight. Will post 6 major items to include in program as soon as possible.

Team 1: AT&T to Phase Out Cingular Brand

Team 2: Motorola Gets A Busy Signal

These are articles to get you started. The objective is to plan a sales management training program of the B2C brand strategy.

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  • connie duckworth

    Thanks,for the artical. I hope you get to feeling better.

  • jerome lester

    I have a head cold so I know what you are going threw I hope you feel better.

  • sakounta

    Jeff did you get my email concerning the midterm??? And how come I still don’t see my name on the class blog? It’s ok if I’m not wanted in class..I can skipp it. haha jk

  • Lauren Vargas

    I have your blog listed to the right! No skipping now!