Blog Talk Radio: Pull up a Chair

Last night, the Marcom Colloquy Blog/Class listened to Nut’s and BlogBolts – A conversation on social media tools on Blog Talk Radio. The timing coincided perfectly with the class meeting time. We had perfect attendance and exciting conversations spurred in class. Social Media tools are a foreign concept for most of the class, so the first hour run-through of current tools available and their validity were invaluable.

Great take-aways:

  • Need to explore relevance of LinkedIn on both corporate and industry blogs
  • Why do I not have a MySpace?
  • Real conversations require strategy
  • Kami shared the following quote regarding Second Life: "It is about experiences, not the destination."
  • Spoken word "catches energy"
  • "Think of the blog as your home…would you stick up an ad in your home?"

Listen to the entire show. Thank you to host, Blog Business World, and all of the roundtable members.

I am at fault for not engaging in the discussion. Questions were drafted, but being new to the Blog Talk Radio platform, I was not sure when or where it would be appropriate to engage the bloggers of the show. Lesson learned for me is to learn more about Blog Talk Radio and begin talking with those using the tool!

Summary of show from the leading members of the roundtable discussion:

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