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Nike Rolls Out Widespread Media Campaign To Expands Its Net Of Influence Over Target Markets Through Various Outlets

Nike has released plans to implement a widespread media campaign for the roll out of its latest line of shoes. The newest edition to Nike’s collection includes sneakers that invoke the celebrity status of NBA star LeBron James, nytimes.com reports.

Celebrity partnerships have proven extremely successful for companies in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world of progressive media. For example, profit margins for both iTunes and Bob Dylan soared when a commercial aired in recent months featuring a match up of the two icons. What Nike hopes from its alliance with James is to expand its brand and fully market the Nike Air Zoom LeBron IV. The PR campaign includes ad placements on ESPN, MTV, MTV2 and in Madison Square Garden, where visitors have been determined to match Nike’s target demographics.

Furthermore, The Times noted that Nike has released plans to send out hundreds of thousands of promo DVDs in hopes of increasing product awareness. For the corporation’s fourth edition to the James shoe line, it is pulling out all the stops and maximizing its advertising and marketing budget. Adam Roth of Nike added, "We’re not afraid to try new things. It’s fair to say we’ve gone deeper into pushing content into the world consumers are already living in."

The most telling aspect of the media campaign is the amount of time and money spent on online advertising. Promotional materials for the shoe will be featured on websites for media outlets such as BET, MTV, CBS Sports, and of course Nike and James’ pages—demonstrating how important and prominent the shift toward more contemporary forms of media has been for successful advertising.

But what Nike is seeing is that it cannot completely abandon traditional media outlets that have always been effective in bolstering sales, which is why print ads are slated to run in various men’s fitness, sports and lifestyle publications, and a "pop-up store" will be erected in New York City that will sell only LeBron James merchandise as a further promotional tool for his latest shoe.

David Whitman

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  • http://wallamy.typepad.com/k2girlsmom/ Wallamy

    I think whatever Nike is doing, they’re doing right. I don’t watch MTV or BET but even I’ve seen these ads this article is discussing. The word of mouth on this very clever commercial is unbelievable. I’ve heard many people talking about it. Now, how to get those people talking into the stores to buy a $135.00 pair of basketball shoes is a different question. In an intersesting marketing move, Nike is also teaming with ipod with a running shoe/ipod combination. I think that will be a big draw right now.

  • http://12commanonymous.typepad.com/my_weblog/ Lauren Vargas

    You are right…especially with the new runner clothing line with space for iPod.
    WOM is a big influencer. When a friend boasts about his/her Nike shoes, $135 does not seem like a lot of money.

  • http://brian-navyatc.blogspot.com/ BrianS

    I’m not complaining whether Nike has it right or wrong. Nike provides entertaining commercials on TV and in magazines. My dilemma is purely comfort and cost. If the shoe fits, well then cost is no argument. If the cost is through the roof, then I’ll never know if the shoe fits. Are you trying to say LeBron James, will now be listening to an Ipod while he tries to sell his Nike brand shoes? LeBron James is an unbelievable athlete, and as he grows with all his fame and fortune, lets cross our fingers as he continues to be a steward of the basketball world. Hey, it worked for Mike, it should work for James.

  • http://julio626.typepad.com Julio626

    The advertising blitz that Nike plans to release soon with new media and celebrities is not new, but it has always worked for Nike. Nike has contracted NBA star LeBron James to draw attention to their new products. I believe that this media blitz will be successful and will especially draw attention in the inner city.
    I have always enjoyed seeing the Nike TV commercials using big names like Tiger Woods, and years ago during the 80’s and 90’s, basketball greats such as Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen,
    I remember when Nike first started. Their only product was running shoes. They immediately drew the attention of all runners and became the #1 running shoe during the 70’s and 80’s. During this time, Nike sponsored some great runners, such as Bill Rogers and Alberto Salazar from the University of Oregon in Beaverton Oregon, which is where Nike’s corporate headquarters are located. Here is where Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight started their partnership in this company. Bill was a track coach and Phil was runner at the University of Oregon.
    Today, there are more runners than there are basketball players. There are also about 12 major companies that compete in the running shoe market. This is why it is very important that Nike stay focused in improving their products, especially running shoes. In the 70’s and 80’s, I ran several marathons with Nike shoes. But as Nike’s quality in shoes deteriorated, I switched to New Balance and Saucony running shoes. However, it is the marketing and advertising that sells products. Very seldom did I ever hear or see a New Balance or Saucony advertisement. Most, if not all, of their advertisement is done by runners who swear by their quality and comfort.
    Will I buy a Nike shoe again? I don’t care how many Nike advertisements I see, my answer will always be, no, unless they improve their quality.

  • http://www.bloglines.com/blog/Akula1 Michael G

    Nike has a strategic way of selecting popular athletes to represent their brand name. The urban culture is likely to be a large consumer base of Nike products. Names like Fubu, Christian Dior, and many other fashion name brands are brought by inner city youth. Nike is successful in the inner city because of their diversity in the market place.
    While fashion designers like the ones mentioned above experiment with jeans, and apparel, Nike centers its brand from head to toe. Ranging from warm up wear, jewelry, jackets, socks, and in particular shoes. Nike has outlasted the competition due to this diversity.
    Sporting events advertisements are very expensive; fortunately Nike has had the upper hand due to events such as the Olympics, Super bowl, NBA Championship, Boxing, and Baseball. The organization makes so much revenue from their products; they can afford to hold the advertisement spots for their products.

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