Midterm Assignment


  1. Starbucks
  2. Target
  3. Disney
  4. Virgin Mobile

A SWOT and target audience analysis is required.

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  • http://12commanonymous.typepad.com/marcom_colloquy/ BrockG

    Chapter 2, “Strategic Planning for Competitive Advantage” is paramount when comes to information for the lay business person who is trying to perpetuate their business in the marketing arena. Exhibit 2.1 Elements of Marketing Plan, shows you step by step how to prepare a plan. I truly believe that all businesses should develop a Marketing Plan in order for the product or service to be fully successfully and competitive in today’s fast pace world. Here is the layout of the plan itself as outlined in the book.
    • Business Mission Statement
    • Objectives
    • Situation or SWOT Analysis
    • Marketing Strategy encompasses two different fields of strategy. Targeting Marketing & Marketing Mix. Marketing Mix is then subdivided into four groups.
    1. Product
    2. Promotion
    3. Distribution
    4. Price
    • Implementation Evaluation Control is the final step in the Marketing plan.
    Let’s explore and explain each step somewhat for this text.
    Business Mission Statement answers the question of what business are you in.
    Objectives touch on tells the audience what is to be accomplished through marketing the business.
    SWOT identifies internal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and lastly strengths of the business.
    Marketing Strategy encompasses and details market penetration, market development, product development, and diversification. Finally, Implementation is apply all of the resource and development of the marketing plan into reality with a time frame and goal at accomplishing a certain percent of the market share in your product field or service. http://www.abanet.org/lpm/lpt/articles/mkt06041.html,
    http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/9-22-2005-77341.asp, http://ezinearticles.com/?Marketing-Events:-7-Keys-to-Timing&id=329485.

  • http://12commanonymous.typepad.com/marcom_colloquy/ BrockG

    IT PRO VISION is bringing the world of technology to you via the internet. Here are some of the website promotions that used to get there product out.
    • Search engine submission
    • Linking-back links
    • Pay-per-click-Google Adwords
    • Article distribution
    The article goes on explaining the way a company should go about planning their website promotion campaign through the above methods. Search engines take the most time to index your information about your site and should be used first. The biggest and most important search engine is Google, followed by Yahoo and MSN. For fast indexing on Google a company and/or service should place blogs on http://blogger.com with links pointing to different articles and pages on your company site.
    It takes approximately 2 days to get your company indexed on Google. You will have to blog every 2-3 days to make this effective and use blogger.com being that this is Google’s own blogging site. Your company and/or service will then need to start a Google Adwords campaign. This is then followed by a newsletter to capture visitor’s addresses and build your business list. Build back links with distribution RSS Feeds, link baiting and blogging etc.
    Write yourself or have written some interesting and informative articles on your business. You can distribute these articles through different article banks or libraries as well as submit them to the newspaper and publications.

  • http://profile.typekey.com/brockg/ Brockton Gardner

    SunGuard is the largest technology vendor in the financial services business to date, but no one has hardly even heard of the company. The company employees approximately 14,000 employees, has $4 billion in annual sales and $25 trillion in assets on its accounting and portfolio management systems. Company strategy is to market its PlanningStation applications to independent advisors. PlanningStation is three different planning tools called “series”. The foundation, Planning and Advisor series. SunGuard plans on using all possible avenues to capture a larger audience, with it main competition coming from Intuit. The company has a excellent track record of acquiring smaller technological companies and repacking them into their products by integrating them into their SunGuard system.
    The company is banking on the platform of the software to sell itself. Things such as its basic simplicity, usability, features, and cash flow projections data sheets. SunGuard plans on using all medians to get the word out about its company and its software. With its eyes set on a full fledge assault on marketing, SunGuard will most likely grab a large portion of the independent advisor section.

  • http://julio626.typepad.com Julio626

    SWOT: Analysis TARGET on Sporting Goods Department
    Unlike Wal-Mart, Target stores feature large aisles, which are very easy to maneuver one’s shopping cart. Their stores are very clean and organized and people like to shop there because of the large selection of apparel and household items, which are of good quality and are reasonably priced.
    Target has a sporting goods department that is well stocked with a variety of items. However, one can easily assess that their sporting goods department is primarily stocked with items that are not suitable for the serious athlete, young or old. It’s for the soccer mom who can do her shopping and swing by the sporting goods department to pick up a soccer ball or shin guards for a junior game on Saturday. It provides convenience for the first-time buyers, especially those who don’t want to make a large investment in equipment for their young athlete. It provides a good selection of sporting good items for a family with young children who are buying their first baseball glove, first football, or first soccer ball and soccer equipment. The prices are also reasonable if you are looking for a bicycle, in line skates or skates boards.
    Target is not the place for a serious golfer or a fisherman. For example, on Wednesday I went to Target to do a little survey of their sporting goods department. I was very shocked at what I found realized the reason why I don’t shop at Target. If you are a golfer, don’t go there because there only three different kinds of golf clubs. For the fisherman looking for a rod and reel, I found only 12 rods and only 3 small baskets of lures…I have more lures in my fishing box at home. As for camping equipment, there were some mediocre tents suitable for the occasional camper.
    The Target website offers some health and fitness equipment. I believe there is a lot of opportunity for Target to do a better job of marketing their health and fitness equipment by doing a special promotion with a high profile celebrity, especially for the ladies. They already have a clothing line for health and fitness that does very well. Adding fitness equipment, such as treadmills, ellipticals or stationary bicycles could certainly be a smart and profitable move for Target. http://www.target.com/gp/browse.html/ref=nav_t_spc_11_5/601-7784438-9103337?ie=UTF8&node=3000341
    In order to stay competitive with Wal-Mart, Target must enhance their products in areas such as sporting goods. It is my feeling that Target loses a lot of business because the customer wants a one-stop shopping does it all for convenience. For example, if a customer must chose to buy a sporting goods item along with groceries they most likely to go to Wal-Mart and not Target because of their larger selection in this area.