Bless Thee Hollywood

As an adult, my religious views are quite different from those imposed upon me by my righteous Catholic parents. This may come as a shock to some of you, but I have always been outspoken. As a child, I regularly protested about females not having a leading role in the religion and challenged the accuracy of the bible…you name it, I was the problem child in Sunday School asking, "Why not?"

Never in a million years (oops 2,000) would I expect the Pope to be endorsing and hosting a premiere of a Hollywood movie! Especially after The Passion fiasco…

According to Christian Today, New Line Cinema’s The Nativity Story has been called the best movie about the birth of Jesus since nativity movies were first produced in the 1890s.

"…The Nativity Story is biblically accurate, historically authentic, and visually stunning. Written with heart… it’s destined to become a beloved Christmas classic," said Anne Graham Lotz, founder of AnGeL Ministries and daughter of evangelist Billy Graham.

I suppose the hot target niche at the moment is Christians. The poignant questions of females entering priesthood or not endorsing certain intimate preferences or world peace are not a priority for the Pope and Vatican. Rolling out the red carpet for dinner theater is the focus.

So communicators, just ring the Pope and I am sure he will endorse the Jesus bobble head.

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