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    Georgette J. this is my typepad account http://gangel22.typepad.com

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    I just changed the last name issue. On my next blog it will be different. Sorry about that.

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    I am a blogger now. Have no idea what I’m doing but I’m a blogger.

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    I knew I forogt something, so excited about being a blogger. My blog account is:

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    I’m ready to blog!

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    My weblog is up and running. I guess old(er) dogs can learn new tricks.

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    Wallamy is Amy Rosenfeld. I’ve tried to change Wallamy but cannot figure out how. I just wanted you to know it’s mine.

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    One more thing..here’s the URL

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    Wow! Great job on all of the entries!
    Amy – I will work on the name change.

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    Georgette — enable comments on your site.
    Great pioneering!

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    The world is constantly changing, and I am ready to blog to keep up with that change!

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    I have made my blog public.

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    Here is my blog

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    Using the Cosmopolitan magazine, and the professional woman analogy in this blog was a brilliant idea. The challenge of the exercise to write a piece about a magazine as if that magazine was a person seem to be a difficult task. This was not the case for this writer as one question branched off to a series of tangible ones.
    If I were tasked with this assignment, I would have used a practical approach, and do something on Time Magazine. In my view, Time Magazine is like a human brain, he or she living through a variety of events and recording events in it’s mind. Like life, every event has it’s significance. From the great depression to the current information technological age we currently reside. Constantly we are subjected to change, acquire new ideology, and develop new techniques to simplify our lives.
    In regard to the questions at the summary of this blog, many people can ask Time Magazine a question, and like a person the information contained in it’s archives can be accessed on any subject. So in my case, no there is a not a disconnect in the way I, other employees and customers see my brand. The brand Time Magazine encompasses all things, and this audience based principle is what I would need to give life to my product. My description would be of similar people, with the thought that we can work as a team to produce content above the status quo.

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    I am getting a profile page, rather than your home blog page. Will you please repost? Thank you!

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    On my page I adjusted it and when I set it up in typepad I followed the directions it should have on it my two assignments for next week and my introduction with a few blog suggestions.It is at http://gangel22.typepad.com/ms_j

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    When reading the first chapter in Marketing 208, my thoughts on industry related factors becomes dynamic. Today we compete in a global economy, and when directing a product to the consumer, it is important to reflect this reality. More of a concept like thinking outside of the box would be ideal.
    America is fueled on production based principles. That has always been the key to our success. It is important to deliver a product that customers around the world will accept and respect. Example of this is illustrated on page 11, chapter 1 entitled Customer Value. The brand Lexus is a very expensive product, and the organization will not settle for less. The end result of this is that customers know what to expect when they purchase this product, and that is “zero defects.”
    I personally own a 2001 Toyota Corolla S, and it is 5 years old with 60.000 miles on it. To this day I have never had a problem or a recall for this product at all! The reason for this is because Toyota has a reputation, and strong ethical values when the organization is marketing their product to the customer. Under the AMA Statement of Ethics, Honesty states that “We will offer products of value that do what we claim in our communications,” and “We will stand behind our products if they fail to deliver their claimed benefits.” These two ethical values under honesty alone says a lot about Toyota, and 5 years later the organization has a relationship with me.
    This was totally the contrary when I purchased a 1997 New Dodge Stratus. This product was pleaged with problems, and performed below the minimum requirements. Problems ranging from a broken timing belt at 28,000 miles, 4 recalls for CV Boot Joints, a bad Temperature Sensor, crack in the Exhaust Manifold, cracks in the Power Steering Lines, and the cost of maintenance due to only a expired 75,000 mile warranty. Without a since of irony, it is after 75,000 miles when I started to have these issues. This failure to produce a quality product has put me in the position to never purchase from a GM product again.
    In conclusion, all of the bombardments of billboards, media, and other sources of marketing, does not compare to the decision of the customer based on personal experience. Doing something extraordinary must be the answer when marketing to the customer. In chapter 1 on page 17 under MARKETING PLAYS AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN SOCIETY, there are 280 million customers in the United States. Can you imagine delivering a product to the percentage of people who drive out of that 280 million people like I experienced? It is a wonder why imports like Toyota, Honda, and Lexus are top sellers

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    I hope I’m a blogger now. Been goofing on this page for more than a day.
    Feels good…

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    Brian, this is a great start. Open your blog to comments and it is complete!

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    Oops, I got carried away, I guess I should not have posted my assignments on here. My Bad! Starting to enjoy this!

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    I’ll use this vice bloglines.

  • Valerie H

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Valerie and I am a junior at Northwood. This will be my fifth class with Northwood after a ten year hiatus. I received an Associates degree at TCC. I have been in the banking field for 21 years but would like to get back into Accounting if anyone has any leads on a job. Changing jobs was my motivation for returning to school as most of the required education was a bachelors degree. So I’m back and determined to graduate by the end of next year.
    Prior to banking I was in the Air Force as a Law Enforcement Specialist for five years.
    I will be participating in this class but please bare with me on the blogging. This will be my first time.
    See you all in class,
    Valerie H