• Georgette

    The article marketing and blogs what works and what doesn’t was interesting because it gave good examples of what a business can do to get the word out about their product but what people shouldn’t do. I didn’t know that marketing with a blog took so much work compared to a commercial or just a radio advertisement. In marketing with a blog there would have to be some kind of attraction so that people will stay on the blog long enough to get all of what the blog has to offer. I found two blogs that I started to look at everyday because they have alot of information that is interesting to me and they promote products in a way that would make me want to find out more information even if I wouldn’t buy them. So I would suggest to everyone to stop at look at all blogs have to offer.

  • http://12commanonymous.typepad.com/ Lauren Vargas

    Great suggestion! Way to use the two-way interaction. What are the two blogs you are reading?
    Please refer to my message on creating a blog account – please repost your blog home address because it is showing only a profile page.

  • Georgette

    I have been reading agelessmarketing.typepad and michelemiller.blogs.com both of them have really good suggestions about how to market and what works and what doesn’t. I have began to become a blog fanatic!! Thanks for the introduction.

  • Georgette

    I have sent the comments that I have been making to your northwood account and I wanted to know if you have got them and if not I wanted to know if there was a better email or another way to get them to you.

  • http://jefflaw.typepad.com/my_weblog/ JeffLaw

    Last but not least I am officially a Blogger.