Book DNA: Lean In–Be a Man, Not a Boy

The book, Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, has sparked A LOT of conversation. Not all the conversations are being generated by women. My husband, Leonardo Souza, and I read the book at the same time. Of course, we have reacted differently to some elements … [Read more]

Reading the Signs

There are several SxSW 2013 wrap-up posts being published this week and I am not about to repeat any of the supposed take-aways. Instead, I want to share three things I observed this week that have me rethinking my glass half-empty approach to … [Read more]

Book DNA: February Gift of Love to Self

Work, family and everything in between is consuming me. Life happens…to each and every one of us. The one constant in my life (even though I have been a slacker about posting) is reading. When I crack open a book or my Nook flickers to life, the … [Read more]

Hats off to those NOT a community manager

Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day. You may be familiar with my thoughts about this day of recognition. Those thoughts have not changed. I am excited the role of community manager and responsibilities of a community team are being recognized … [Read more]

I’ll have the lite version, please

This post has been sitting in my draft folder for months. I hesitated hitting ‘publish’ because I did not want the tone to sound jaded or become a rant. While re-reading the post outline, I felt I was being too harsh and not recognizing the various … [Read more]

2013 is the Year of Passion

On New Year’s Day, my husband purchases four sets of roses, each a different color for each member of our family. Before we go to sleep the first evening of the new calendar year, my husband fills a bowl with scalding hot water and sprinkles the … [Read more]