CLE Comm 355: Week 3

I have posted student URLs on this class blog (right sidebar). Please check to see if your name is on the list. I have had issues with Clemson email address and I am trying to reconcile Clemson and Gmail inbox. If you do not see your name on the site and you are enrolled in the class, do not worry…send me your blog URL ASAP to I will post on the list as soon as I receive.

Currently, you should have three posts published: introduction, your definition of public relations and thoughts on Chapter 1. A video lecture will be available for viewing this Wednesday (on BlackBoard) to discuss topics from weeks 1-3.

Do not hesitate to ask questions. Best chance is to send email to gmail address or call me on my mobile: 817.714.7516.

Attn: Clemson Students Week 1-2


I apologize, but I am in the middle of moving cross-country from Dallas to Boston. Please email your blog URLs to me no later than 30 August to or I am still having some technical issues with Clemson email address, so you might want to CC the gmail address.

The first blog posts should be your student introduction (please do not divulge personal information and be aware of your digital identity) and your definition of public relations. I do not want you to regurgitate the text. Please give me your impression of the industry…where do you agree/disagree with the definition? Can we box in the public relations industry to a definition? You tell me.

Food for thought:

I will be back online next Tuesday with video lectures to coincide with your chapter and BB resources.

If you have any questions, call or email me at any time!

CLE Comm 355-400: Blog Creation

Please note, your syllabus requires you to create a blog for class use. We will discuss the reasoning and use for blog in first class, but please, set-up a blog prior to class through Creation of blog is simple and FREE. It is your choice to use another blog platform. Please note, when creating a account, a gmail account may be required.

Individual Blog Work – In accordance with the syllabus readings, you are responsible for posting at least two (but not limited to) weekly topic-related posts.Each post must be 200-300 words and include:

  • link(s) to appropriate and topic related resources
  • contain multiple web links/permalinks

Each student is required to ‘comment’ six times throughout the term on class members’ or other topic-related blog entries. If you comment on blogs outside of class, please provide me the URL/permalink of all blog posts at the end of the course.

Please refrain from lack of professionalism to include, inappropriate tone, language, grammar and spelling in online discussions. Please imagine the other course participants are your co-workers. Anything that would be inappropriate in a workplace or in face-to-face conversation is also inappropriate online.

Each spelling, grammar or proofreading error will cause a one point deduction in all assignments. I won’t count your spelling errors in discussion posts, but if your posts are chronically filled with spelling and grammar errors, you will lose up to 100 points for the overall quality of discussion points.

Presenting someone else’s work as your own is considered plagiarism. Please use sources responsibly and cite them often.

You are expected to make solid, valuable contributions to the discussion. New ideas, questions that get people thinking and additional examples are appreciated. Feel free to disagree with other posts, but do so politely, without making the attack personal. Focus on ideas and keep the discussion on topic.

MKT 208: NO Class, 29 June

Apparently, there is no class tonight, 28 June because of the upcoming holiday. Enjoy your break. I will see all of you again next Monday, 6 July. Make sure you send me the URL of your blog to my email,, before the next class.

UPDATE: For those of you who still do not have your textbooks, the overarching blog topics corresponding to class chapter discussion are:


1.An Overview of Marketing.

2.Strategic Planning for Competitive Advantage.

3.Ethics and Social Responsibility.

4.The Marketing Environment.

5.Developing a Global Vision.

ATTN: MKT 208 Summer Semester

Please note, your syllabus requires you to create a blog for class use. We will discuss the reasoning and use for blog in first class, but please, set-up a blog prior to class through Creation of blog is simple and FREE.

I know this may seem scary, but at the end of the course, I hope you will become more familiar with social media and how to integrate these tools with traditional media practices. I am not the only professor using blogs as a teaching tool. Take a minute to read fellow educator’s post, What does blogging teach?

Gov 2.0 Camp Mind Map

Cross-posted to Communicators Anonymous.

plenary1 Last month, I attended the first Government 2.0 Camp. It was a brilliant experience! Approximately 500 peers, thought leaders, social media pioneers and the occasional government 2.0 carpetbagger addressed the opportunities and challenges of new media in government functions. The break-out groups were relatively small in comparison to the massive audience sizes of SxSWi sessions.

It was invigorating to see other agencies putting new practices into play and to rub shoulders with those on the Beltway that I do not get to interact with much because our DoD agency, AAFES, is located in Dallas, Texas. Unfortunately, over two days and 110 sessions, I heard more than my fair share of tool buzz versus execution and policy questioning, but that was expected.

I think it is important to stress that government does not need social media for greater transparency…what we need is re-evaluation of policy hindering transparency (who, what, when, where, why – How do we collaborate and share internally? Think Enterprise 2.0.) then use the tools to spread the word and further collaborate externally.

As promised, instead of taking linear notes, I mind-mapped the camp! Never before have I taken notes like this…and I am still learning. I need to incorporate more images…but here is my stab at the buzz of Gov 2.0 Camp:

(Please note: I did not list specific tools/applications/platforms like Twitter, FB, etc.)

Gov 2.0 MM