My new gig: Digital Fellow, One by One

Last month, I shared that I was leaving the corporate world to pursue the study of digital transformation in the cultural sector. At the time, I was unable to share the particulars about my new position because I was in the midst of securing a visa for a 15-month fellowship in the UK. The past few months have been a turbulent time of transition, but the visa is in-hand, I have secured lodging, and have outlined a plan for my family’s international move. Game on!

So, a bit more about my new gig

I will be one of five Digital Fellows associated with ‘One by One.’ This is a collaborative project exploring and developing digital literacy in museums. ‘One by One’ is a 30-month national research project helping to build digitally confident museums. It is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), is led by The University of Leicester in partnership with Culture24, and is being delivered together with a range of museums, strategic sector agencies and academic partners – including the Museums Association, HLF, Nesta, Arts Council England, AIM, NMDC, the Collections Trust and the Museum Development Network.

Phase One “mapped the ways digital skills are currently supplied, developed and deployed in the UK museum sector and pinpointed current changes in the demand around these skills.” Read more about Phase One findings.

Phase Two will be released soon and “will detail the specific range of digital literacies needed by the UK museum sector.” Read more about the objectives and methods for Phase Two.

As a Digital Fellow, I will join the ‘One by One’ team during Phase Three of the project and will be based in two of the the partner museums, The National Army Museum and The Museum of London, to deliver a “practical approach to building digital literacies within specific museum contexts” for the two museums where I will be embedded for nine months. Read more about Phase Three objectives.

The final six months of my fellowship will be spent with the other Digital Fellows capturing the insights gleaned from the museums associated with Phase Three.

I would be lying if I said I was not equal parts excited and terrified about this new opportunity, but the ‘One by One’ Project aligns brilliantly with my dissertation focusing on digital transformation readiness through the understanding of an institution’s digital data collection and use. I will be able to apply the tools and learnings from my corporate experience to the cultural sector. In time, I hope to re-enter the corporate sector and share insights from the cultural sector! There is so much we can learn if we adopt a growth mindset and take inspiration beyond industry echo chambers. Stay tuned – I will weave tales of my museum adventures into the new digital walkability series.

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