Zany: Keeping it real

This weekend was husband and child-free. Without guilt, I read a good book (fiction) and played on my laptop. It was! StumbleUpon kept me occupied for three hours. I was still in Internet oblivion when my Mom called. Immediately, I chatter away about my blog plans, cool Facebook add-ons I just found and trying to convince Mom to download StumbleUpon.

My Mom thinks I am speaking Greek. I should have known better. My Mom is anti-Internet; she just figured out email and is incredibly afraid of identity fraud. I received a twenty minute lecture about the problem with the world today is no one knows what is real or virtual. According to her, I am being sucked into the "Internet vortex" and assimilated. If Mom only knew…

What would I do without an Internet connection? I was looking for fingerprint painting ideas for daughter when I stumbled upon this…my Mom has to agree this is awesome!

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