Snack Attack

The Media Snacker Respect meme started by Jerimiah Owyang is now at my blog doorstep courtesy, friend and mentor, Kami Huyse.

Communicators Anonymous caters to snackers by posting my feed in the left bar of blog. The feed does not clutter my posts and is updated real-time. Don’t have time to get to know me and the feel of the blog? Follow me via Twitter, also in the left bar. Notice I have few categories listed in CA blog. I want to make sure my APR experience and CA Twelve Steps are the core focus of blog.

As a teacher of evening college classes, I know my students are eager for information, but don’t have the leisure to peruse the Internet or the skills to wade through Social Media. Marcom Colloquy also displays my feed, but the path is to purpose-built pages like this one for an upcoming marketing sales management course.

And now I will carry on the meme by tagging fellow instructor Karen Russell and one of my favorite PR voices, Ike Pigott. Healthy snacking to all!

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  • Kami Huyse

    Yay, so glad you got Ike and Karen, I was already pushing the limits of the meme by tagging 7. I like your delicious idea, I have had more than one e-mail subscriber discontinue when my blog RSS feed was broken for a few days leaving only my links. Oh well, nothing is perfect.