Book Review: Fire Them Up!

Fire Them Up! by Carmine Gallo

Fire_up_book Many motivation books say the exact same thing over and over again. What was that penguin book? I am always reading something. Fiction or not, the book must inspire me to keep flipping the page. Monday, 8 October, I could not put down Fire Them Up! by Carmine Gallo. To put it simply, I was fired up!

For me, Monday was a government holiday and an extra day to mentally prepare myself for a busy week. This year has been full of ups and downs and anything but simple. In 212 pages, seven simple secrets to inspire colleagues, customers and clients; sell yourself, your vision, and your values; and communicate with charisma is revealed.

"Few of us will live at a confluence of history where we can unleash previously untapped powers to change the world, but we are all catalysts of change for the people around us."

Passion is not a dirty word. Dreams are not silly. In one book, Gallo lights the way to a better future with stories and lessons learned from past and present leaders. The book is an easy read, full of lists and real life examples to become a better storyteller.

The holiday season is often a spark plug for stress and distress. I recommend you self-medicate and rejuvenate your spirit with this book.

Disclaimer: Carmine Gallo did provide me a complimentary copy of this book for review.

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  • Drew McLellan

    I just finished this book as well. Like you, I found it different and inspiring.
    What was the biggest take away for you?

  • Lauren Vargas

    CEO behavior can make all the difference.